What more can I let you know about me?

You probably already know I'm David Hawley, a wedding photographer from Sheffield, and I LOVE taking photos and creating amazing images.

Photography for me is capturing that one moment, and creating imagery that evokes those emotions so you can relive those special moments again just from a glance.

I've been photographing everything I could find for years, but I first got my first SLR around 10 years ago.

Being a fan of sports it was an easy step into sports and photography, where I developed the photograph skills I needed to react quickly and capture those action shots that only last for a millisecond.

I then did a lot of event photography, where the stage lighting, musicians and performances meant for some striking images.

My love of capturing moments, expressions, faces, and memories, led me to where I am now and being a wedding photographer! It's such a privilege being invited to capture one of the best days of your life.

When I'm not taking photos, I can be found photoshopping images to look just as you'd imagine. in magazines, or I'll be out playing sports!

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