Make your Wiimote aim accurately and how the Wii sensor bar works with widescreen tv's

David Hawley 12:25 14th September 2007

last updated: 12:25 14th September 2007


The Nintendo wii sensor bar and wii remote work together to place the wiimote pointer on the screen. How accureate the wiimote is depends on the wii sensor distance. So for wii games with guns and large widescreen TVs, where you rely on the wiimote to be accurate, it's not very useful. So if you're asking 'how do i make my wii remote accurate?', or 'how far should i stand from the wii?' then read on..

To skip the test stuff and work out where you should stand or how long your wii sensor bar should be click How do I make my wii remote more accurate

Buy a cheap sensor bar to mod

I've found it's best to buy a cheap sensor so won't have to worry if it goes wrong. These two would be great to use.

How the Sensor Bar works

Most wii people already know that the wii remote works by having a sensor in the remote, and infra red LEDs on the sensor bar. The wii sensor bar angle matters as it makes the sensor bar look smaller. It already knows how long your sensor bar should appear, so the wii uses the IR emitted from the two ends of the wii sensor bar as known points, and from this the wii can work out how far you are from the TV and at what angle you're holding the wii remote. They are the basics of how the wii remote works.

The Wii Sensor Bar Tests

To work out what formula Nintendo use to work out where your'e aiming on the screen I did a number of tests varying wii remote location, angle, and height etc.The main aim of these tests was initially trying to work out what size TV nintendo has modeled the wii sensor bar for.

The Sensor Bar Findings

I discovered that the wii sensor bar is actually not made for any size tv in particular, although it does seem from results that the screen size is assumed to be a widescreen.

The most interesting discovery was that there was a direct relation between the screen size and the distance from the screen. This means that nintendo assumes that when you stand further away from the screen, they assume it's because your tv is bigger, so then adjusts the pointer accordingly.

How do I make my wii remote more accurate

To make your wii remote work more like a laser pointer you'll need to change either, how far you stand from the wii, the size of the wii sensor, or how far the wii sensor is from the tv.

Before you can make the wiiremote accurate you also need to know the width of your TV as well as how far you usually stand from the tv.

Type in your TV size (diagonal size in inches) and distance from TV (in cm) into the boxes and click calculate, and it will tell you what you can do to make your wiimote pointer more accurate..

Size of your TV (inch)
TV Type - widescreen (16:9) - normal (4:3)
Distance from your TV (cm)

Wii Sensor Bar Positioning Advice:

To get an accurate pointer follow the information below:


If you'd rather make your own sensor bar.

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