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David Hawley 14:43 6th June 2012

Camerabox Ltd review and The Digital Camera Company review - stay well clear!

If you're thinking about buying any cameras, lenses or equipment from (aslo trading as The Digital Camera Company) you'd be strongly advised to not use camerabox or DigitalCameras and look elsewhere for your christmas presents. Read the update for the laster on the camerabox complaints and camerabox experience.

David Hawley 20:24 15th May 2009

Wii sensor bar hack - add a near mode

Modifying your wii sensor bar to make it accurate, or to give it another distance setting.

David Hawley 21:56 10th October 2007

How to Make your wiimote sensor bar accurate and make the remote aim

Wii remotes (wiimotes) aren't very accurate and as distance to the wii changes it's hard to aim and accuracy changes. Read this to find out how the wii sensor bar really works and how to make your wiimote aim more accurate like a laser.

David Hawley 12:25 14th September 2007

How to make gold miis with gold bottoms!

This will explain how to create and make miis that have gold pants. After I discovered them I called them gold miis, although officially they are called special miis.

David Hawley 14:38 2nd March 2007

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